Baby/kids' Bathtime Essentials 

When it comes to towels, softness should be a top priority. Think about it—the last thing you want after a luxurious and relaxing bath or shower is to rub your body dry with a towel that feels like sandpaper, and the same goes for your little one!


Our selection of towels is made from a variety of fabrics that are specially engineered from natural fibres to be ultra-absorbent and soft as a cloud. These luxury rayon from bamboo bath towels make bath time a truly indulgent experience for every member of the family, from your newborn to the head of the house.

What to consider?

Size: Choose a generous sized towel in order to fully wrap your baby in and keep them warm and snuggly. On the other hand, the small towels are ideal for your babies, when you wash them after a nappy change. 


Plain or Hooded: Babies are more sensitive to temperature changes and have sensitive skin, add a hood for that added feeling of comfort for them.


Due to the sensitivity of babies' skin rayon from bamboo is a great choice as it's incredibly soft, hypoallerginic, moisture wicking and naturally resistant to bacteria and mildew.

What do we provide?

Kids Store Today is a one stop shop for babies. At Kids Store Today, we aim to offer eco-friendly products to minimise the impact on the environment. A company you can trust, where each of the product has been selected carefully. Here we offer high quality products for your newborn such as Rayon from bamboo bath towels, Rayon from bamboo baby facial cloths and much more which are soft, naturally resistant to bacteria, odors and mildew and hypoallergenic. This means less washing for you and no need for bleach. A win-win situation. Our color options are made to mix and match so you can easily design the look of your bathroom. A few options are:


  • Bed Voyage rayon from Bamboo bath towels

  • Bed Voyage rayon from Bamboo facial cloths

  • Bed Voyage rayon from Bamboo hooded towels

Laundry Instructions for Baby towels

Wash separately in warm water using a delicate or Eco-friendly liquid detergent and tumble dry on medium heat, removing immediately. Bleach, fabric softener, washer/dryer balls and dryer sheets are not recommended.




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