Stroll Around in Style

There are various methods used for transporting kids from one place to another. These methods include the baby carrier, baby slings, strollers etc. They come in many shapes, sizes and colours, but all parents can agree that strollers make getting your baby from point A to point B easy work.


While we love to carry our little ones around as much as we can, the right stroller offers an easy and safe way to transport your child virtually anywhere. There are many types of strollers available on the market nowadays, and at Kids Store Today we’re proud to offer a selection of the best and most advanced models, built to endure every bump and bounce life throws at it.

Things to know

Welcome to a new way to shop! While being a parent comes with its share of rewards, it sure comes with just as many challenges! That’s why at Kids Store Today, our goal is to provide you with all you need to be the best parent you can for your children, but also kind to yourself. To that end, we’ve created a shopping experience tailored to the needs of today’s parents, focused on fast delivery, reliable customer support and affordability. So you can shop with confidence and shed the stress.

The three most popular types of strollers include:

Travel Stroller

Small and compact, these strollers are easy to collapse so that they can be quickly stowed away in small compartments, from the back seat or trunk of a car to the overhead storage bin of an airplane.


Umbrella Stroller

Designed for everyday use, these strollers keep your baby safe and secure from the elements, thanks to an umbrella that envelops the top and sides of the interior chamber. Whether you’re out for a stroll on a sunny day or taking your tot to enjoy a wintry walk, the right umbrella stroller will ensure they’re safe and sound inside.


Luxury Stroller

Like the name suggests, these strollers come with all the bells and whistles you’d expect, ranging anywhere from a screen partition to built-in toys to extra built-in padding. Full of style and substance, these strollers are built to make a statement.