Welcome to Kids Store Today. Whether you’re shopping for your first-born or you’ve been mastering the parenting game for ages, our mission is to make it easy to find all the essentials for children aged 0-10 years in one place and at reasonable prices. We get it: being a parent is hard work, no matter how much help you’ve got. You need to wear many hats, and your daily duties run the gamut, from feeding them to making sure they’re ready for school to being prepared for the unexpected.


That’s where Kids Store Today comes in. We do the leg work and the heavy lifting to save you time and money, sourcing quality products from today’s top manufacturers, names you know and trust including BedVoyage, Bowron Sheepskins, It’s You Babe maternity wear, Big Toys USA, Child Craft, Englacha, and more. Tack on fast delivery and you’ll have all you need in no time. Unsure about something or need more information on a particular item? Our customer support team are experts in everything we sell and always ready to lend a hand.


As a parent, “the essentials” has two meanings: the things your child requires for their health and well-being and the stuff they want to keep them content, like toys and electronics. Never fear, Kids Store Today is here with the best of both, so you can rest easy that all your ducks are in a row. When it comes to those early years of your child’s life, we’ve got it all, from baby blankets to bicycles and even electric cars for those ambitious toddlers who can’t wait to get their hands on your keys.




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