Short or Long Wool Sheepskin Rugs

Sheepskin Products for Every Age

Completely natural, hypoallergenic and luxuriously soft and warm on the skin, sheepskin is an ideal fabric for kids of any age and can be used to make a huge variety of products, from blankets to stroller liners to area rugs for a child’s playroom.


Our selection of kids’ sheepskin playrugs is ideal for any age, thanks to a variety of motifs ranging from sports items like footballs and baseballs to models that are dyed to look like faux tiger skins, frogs, and other animals! Give your kids a safe way to stay warm and comfy with a sheepskin playrug.

Things to Consider!​

Lambskins are another prudent choice for newborns as it is softer than regular wool. The most important thing you should consider before buying sheepskin rug:

  • Purpose: do you want your baby to sleep on it or your kids to play on it? 

  • Short wool: better for babies

  • Long wool: more suitable for kids

  • Type: Icelandic, Tibetan and Mongolian or any other


wool is generally soft and fluffy. Thus more comfortable to sit or lay on as opposed to the floor. Wool fibre wick moisture away from the skin and air and it is also a good insulator. This keeps your child warm and dry. Wool is hypo-allergenic and can trap dust, allergens and other air particles. It is less likely then to release them back into the airways of your child. Once trapped they can be removed by gently vacuuming.

In conclusion, choose a sheepskin that has soft, dense and short fibre. Environmentally friendly and decide whether or not to allow your baby to sleep on them. If so never in prone position.

What we provide?

Kids Store Today is a one stop online shop for babies and kids. We have all types of high quality products for you and your baby at an affordable price.

At Kids Store Today, we’re proud of offer a wide selection of sheepskin products from world-renowned brand Bowron, known for providing quality sheepskin for over 100 years. Lush and plush, each sheepskin product is individually sanitised to keep germs at bay and prevent nasty smells, so you can always rest assured your little one is in safe hands.


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