Introducing the new MotoTec KnockOut 1000w Electric Scooter. This powerful hub motor, powered by Four 12v Lead Acid Batteries can reach speeds of 20mph and travel up to 20 miles per charge.


Equipped with a Front & Rear LED light, Front & Rear Shocks, Front & Rear Hydraulic Brakes, Hugh Tires and Double Seat with backrest. This scooter is ready to tackle any terrain.


CEC Certified for California Sale

MotoTec Knockout 48v 1000w Electric Scooter Black

SKU: MT-Knockout-1000_Black
    • Motor: 1000W Rear Hub Motor
    • Battery: 48v (Four 12v/12ah SLA Batteries)
    • Handlebars: Tilt Adjustable
    • Throttle: Twist
    • Key: Yes
    • Top Speed: 20mph
    • Max Rider Weight: 450 lbs
    • Recommended Age: 16+ Years Old
    • Frame: High-tensile steel
    • Range Per Charge: 10-20 miles in optimum conditions
    • Charge Time: 4-8 hrs
    • Front/Rear Tire Size: 225/55-8
    • Shocks: Front & Rear
    • LED Headlight: Yes
    • Brake: Hydraulic Front and Rear
    • Wheelbase: 51 inches
    • Seat Height: 28 inches
    • Box Size: 76x18x36 inches
    • Box Weight: 200 lbs
    • Scooter Size: 71x32x45 inches




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