The Mini Cradle by It's You Babe is a great product for every pregnant mom. The gentle lift and support provided by the Mini Cradle enhances circulation and relieves minor aches and pains often felt during pregnancy.


The soft, flannel backed elastic will not curl or roll. We use 3 sets of hook and eye closures to provide a perfect fit that will not snag clothing and allows the product to remain smooth and flexible against the skin at the point of closure. So effective and comfortable you’ll forget you have it on!

Mini Cradle by its you babe

Color: White
    • Enthusiastically Recommended by Healthcare Professionals
    • Gentle lift and support eases many back and abdominal discomforts often felt during pregnancy
    • Lifts weight from the Pelvis improving circulation and reducing leg and ankle swelling
    • Three sets of Hook and Eye closures offer a soft, flexible and secure fit that lays flat and comfortable against the skin so there is not bulk under clothing
    • Perfect support for every pregnancy




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