Kids Store Today is pleased to offer the best Cradle designed by It's you babe. As soft and comfortable as our Prenatal Cradle, the BEST Cradle by It's You Babe has the added features of an adjustable support band and adjustable shoulder straps allowing the support garment to grow with you throughout your pregnancy.


Soft, flexible flannel backed elastics surround and support the entire tummy while gently lifting and supporting the baby as if cradling with your own hands. The BEST Cradle offers full support of your torso while relieving back, abdominal and hip strain. So effective and comfortable you’ll forget you have it on!


The BEST Cradle is enthusiastically recommended by Healthcare Professionals for relief of pain associated with Pubic Symphysis and Hip Separation.


The BEST Cradle is ideal for the mom having twins, triplets, or quads and for the mom needing support early in her pregnancy. Order Size: Small Support Band Measurement: 30-43in (76-109cm) Pant Size (Before Pregnancy): 3-10 Weight (During Pregnancy): 90 – 165 lbs

Best Cradle by It's You Babe

Color: White
    • MEDICAL DESIGNED - Led by Chris Seering, MSN, with over 20 years of experience in the field of pregnancy and related health – she made a unique belly support system that grows and adjusted with expectant mommies.
    • DOCTOR RECOMMENDED - Physicians around the country recommend the Best Cradle to their patients due to its patented design that provides maximum support and comfort.
    • ELIGIBLE FSA/HSA/HRA - Many health insurance plans MAY cover the cost of the Best Cradle but check with your insurance provider first to get the necessary forms to properly submit your claim for reimbursement.
    • MAXIMUM SUPPORT - Pregnant moms that use the Best Cradle experience pain relief in the lower back, hips, ankles, and shoulders.
    • HANDCRAFTED - The Best Cradle is made in Michigan using the highest quality and most supportive fabrics and materials. Our quality assurance means your Best Cradle has been manufactured to meet the highest.
    • MULTIPLE BIRTHS: Recommended by Twiniversity the leading authority on twins for moms expecting multiples.
    • ORIGINAL PATENTED DESIGN: The Best Cradle patented design reduces unwanted stretch marks and promotes the lengthening of gestational periods - perfect for back ache and discomforts.
    • COMFORTABLE: Latex-free with flannel backing, adjustable with bra slides and hook & eye adjustments provides 24-hour comfort.
    • SAFE TO WEAR: Promotes circulation and reduces swelling of lower extremities - safe to sleep in for both mother and baby.
    • LIFTS AND SUPPORTS: Discreetly provides gentle relief from an increasing weight bearing load by surrounding the abdomen with ergonomic lift to improve posture and continue an active lifestyle.