Kids Store Today is pleased to offer The Hip/V2 Supporter Combo by It's you, Babe. The Hip/V2 Supporter Combo by It's You Babe provides compression and stabilization to your hips while at the same time gives you compression therapy for your vulvar varicosities.


The Hip Brace portion squeezes, or compresses, the hip area below the tummy to relieve severe hip pain while the V2 portion provides adjustable compression in the vaginal area to address symptoms related to vulvar varicosities often felt during pregnancy.

Hip Brace/V2 Supporter Combo by It's You Babe

Color: White
    • Hip stabilizer provides compression to the pelvic cradle and sacroiliac joints
    • Proven compression therapy for vulvar varicosities
    • Relieves symptoms related to pubic symphysis, severe hip pain and/or vulvar varicosities
    • Can be used with cold or hot pack treatments
    • Fully adjustable for maximum comfort and support




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