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Wrap your baby in the softest rayon from Bamboo/cotton swaddle while napping, and the coziest hooded bath towel after bathing! They will feel snug and loved, but not overheated as rayon from Bamboo is thermal regulating and breathes. The fabrics are gentle against their tender skin and are also hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria and odors. So snuggle and bathe clean and cozy!


The Comfort Essentials includes:

  • 1 hooded towel (fits newborn-5yr)
  • 4 white baby washcloth with black trim, 3 black washcloths with white trim
  • 1 panda swaddle
  • small reusable panda basket

Panda Baby Bamboo/Viscose Comfort Essentials

SKU: 19988452
  • Rayon from Bamboo / Cotton




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