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Updated: Apr 29, 2020


Planning for the arrival of your new bundle of joy can be stressful. Deciding what they will eat, wear and what their sleep area will look like are additional pressures and may contribute to raising your stress and anxiety levels.

However putting together a nursery for your new baby ought to be a fun and delightful experience. Because nothing compares to the immense feeling of happiness and satisfaction you get from the entire process, knowing that when your newborn baby finally arrives and is placed in your arms, he or she is going to be comfortable and well catered for.

But the truth is, in order for you to achieve this feat, you may need a bit of help in one or more aspects of the process.

Below are some great tips and ideas you can take into consideration when decorating your baby girls room, gender-neutral nursery or baby boys room. These tips could be implemented in either a contemporary, traditional or modern nursery design, depending on what your personal preferences are.


There is a lot of essential furniture you will need to include when setting up a nursery for the new addition to your family.

This essential furniture includes a crib, changing table, dresser, rocking chair etc, with the crib a centrally important feature since it is the bed where your newborn baby will sleep and as we all know sleep is so important to the early development of infants.

When picking out furniture for the new nursery, it would be a nice touch if the crib's design was in keeping with the baby boy/girl nursery theme.

Also, you need to be very careful by ensuring that any additional furniture is manufactured with high quality, durable and solid materials.

Since a crib is such a pivotal part of the nursery design, you need to make sure that the crib you choose despite its design or type must be safe, secure and constructed properly using the right materials and finishing.

Other relevant items for the newborn baby's room should be kept in an area of the room that does not impede your mobility around the nursery or easy access to reach and monitor your baby.

Clothing and Bedding

The body of your newborn baby is very fragile at this point, and you want to ensure that all babywear and bed clothes present in the nursery are made from materials derived from natural sources such as soft organic cotton and wool, that are free from all synthetic chemicals and additives which can cause skin rashes, eczema, irritations or even more serious problems later on in their development.

This is because their skin is very sensitive and prone to absorbing such harmful substances used during the production of regular baby clothing.

Organic babywear is quickly gaining popularity and recognition among expectant mothers who are appreciate its benefits in protecting both their baby's health and Mother Earth.

Also, you need to devote attention to picking out a comfortable bed that will help to maximise your baby's sleep time, leaving you with a healthy happy baby. Your infant's bed should be firm in order to prevent suffocation or the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

To prevent bacterial growth due to contamination from saliva, vomit or feeding bottles, it would be wise for you to make adequate provisions for a waterproof mattress cover which can help in protecting the mattresses' outer surface and also extending the bed's lifespan.


For your baby girl or baby boy's bedroom ideas, you may have some beautiful colours in mind, but the question is how well will they work in transforming your space from a regular nursery into a luxury nursery which will also be beneficial for your baby's development.

As regards paint ideas for your baby's room, you may want to implement some of the following tips below:

- The use of warm colours such as red, orange and yellow can stimulate the mind and also have an energizing effect on your baby. For more balance, you can mix up warm colours with cooler shades.

- The use of cool colours such as light blue, lilac and soft green creates a peaceful and calming effect which you can add to your nursery wall painting ideas. You can always enhance its effect by pairing cool colours with creamy neutrals.

-Conventionally parents have often liked to use colours which reflect the gender of the new baby such as baby pink/lilac for girls or blue/soft green for boys. However in an age of increasing awareness of gender identity and self-expression you need not let this limit your imagination as there are many more gender-neutral options combining colours such as white, turquoise and red or aqua, grey and coral.

Additional Pieces

A great addition to your nursery interior design would be a baby sheepskin rug which is a designer baby play rug that is made from special sheep's wool that has been purified to prevent the growth of microbes allowing it to remain germ-free and odourless.

The texture of this rug is also very soft and comfy making it fantastic to be used as a comforter in strollers or as a play rug for your infant.


It is totally normal and natural to feel overwhelmed and as though your preparations are not completely perfect especially with the wealth of information available.

But the simple tactic not to give up and keep striving to get it right even if you feel as if the steps you are taking are not perfect.

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