Choosing The Best Toys For Your Child.


Kids love toys, it intrigues them, and because they can get so hooked and attached to these playthings, you need to put in considerable thought into picking the best infant toys for your child.

When you hand over a toy to your child depending on their age, they are most likely to throw it around, smack it or even try putting it into their mouth. Therefore, you need to ensure that any toy you purchase is foremost safe, fun, attractive, fit for your child’s age & size.

Also, depending on the type of toy you give to your child, it can promote learning, foster interaction with others, stimulate their senses and develop their mental, physical, motor and psychological skills.

Here are some tips to help you with finding the best toys for your child based on their age group or category.

Toys for Babies:

When your baby starts to grow and move about more, he or she becomes so eager and curious about their environment, making it necessary for you to take certain factors listed below into consideration if you are in the market to buy the best baby toys for 6months.

• Safety:

There are certain regulations and standards top baby toys brand are expected to abide by when making these objects. Notwithstanding, you cannot just pick any popular baby toys on the shelves, without confirming if it is completely safe to be around your child. Babies tend to put objects in their mouth; therefore, you should make sure that the toys are free of chemicals without any small parts that can be easily detached and swallowed. All toys around your newborn should be safe to bite and chew on.

• Colors:

Your baby's vision starts to become more focused around age five to six months, and the best infant toys to help develop their eyesight are made with contrasting colors and patterns. Also, toys with color stripes and checkerboards can easily draw your baby's attention.

• Sound:

Babies love to play with things that they can use to make noise. Getting them an object that they can squeeze, press or shake to produce a response, can help to promote their grasp on cause-effect connections. Also, toys that rattle or make mild squeaky noises can help to develop your baby's sense of sounds.

• Texture and Material:

Soft, rubbery and fluffy toys are great for your baby's tiny tender hands. They are learning to pick or grab smaller objects at this point. The best baby toys for 6months old will be made of lightweight and fine material help improve your baby's motor skills while promoting their hand and eye coordination during playtime.

Toys for Toddlers:

If your baby is within 12months, 18months or 2½ years plus, you need to buy a toy that will grow with your toddler. This includes educational toys for infants that promote your child's shape recognition, body balance, imagination, hand-eye coordination and visual tracking.

Toys for Preschoolers:

When your child reaches the age for preschool, they need toys that will help them learn numbers, letters, symbols and characters. The best toys for infant development encourages your child's retention and recollection of simple exercises from school. Some of the best educational toys for babies in this age group include alphabet/number puzzles, board games, lacing cards, wooden pattern blocks, trace-n-Erase Chalkboards etc.


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