Baby Non-essential Items - Cost Estimate

Planning for a newborn is very exciting, but it can be daunting for your finances. Our tiny bundle of joy comes with a not-so-tiny list of requirements. There are essentials and non-essentials item. Essentials i.e. from cots to clothes, to car seats for which you can read our earlier blog to get an idea. Here, we have created a list of non-Essentials, you may want once you have had your baby.

Baby's bedroom - Non-essential items

  • Changing table - $300 - It's one of those items that many parents regret buying, as they rarely use it and it takes up a lot of room.

  • Baby Monitor - $30 - Some parents feel reassured with a baby monitor, while others never used it. If you live in a small property, it might not be needed if you can hear the baby make a noise.

  • Room thermometer - $20 - A thermometer will let you know if your baby's room is too hot. You don't have to spend a fortune either!

  • Mobile - $60 - Not necessary at all, but if you were to find a cheap one, it is a way to entertain and calm your baby.

  • Nightlight - $20 - A nightlight isn't essential, but some parents find it might help their baby fall asleep.


  • Breast pump - $200 - Electric pumps tend to be pricier than manual ones. You can also look into hiring a pump from your local breastfeeding clinic.

  • Maternity bras and breast pads - $50 - Maternity bras tend to be more expensive than standard ones, but may be more comfortable if breastfeeding for a long time. Some women find they are happy with a large non-wired bra as a substitute.

  • Muslin cloths and bibs - $30 - You could make do with old towels or other fabric items.

  • Nursing pillow - $50 - You could make do with old towels or other fabric items.

  • Dummies - $10 - Whether to use dummies or not is a personal choice, some babies don’t use them.

  • Highchair - $300 - Some parents find they need a highchair when their baby gets a bit older.

  • Weaning equipment - $60 - When you’re weaning your little one onto solid food you might want things like weaning spoons, bowls and bottles.

Clothing, bathing, and changing

  • Baby bath – $70 - A baby bath is nice to have, but lots of parents say that they bought one, yet never used them, preferring to wash their baby in the bath.

  • Baby towel - $30 - There is no need to go out and buy towels specifically made for babies, as any towel will dry your little one.

  • Bath thermometer - $40 - Many parents use their elbow to test how warm the water is but if you want one, a baby bath thermometer can cost as little as a few pounds.

  • Grooming essentials - $15 - This includes nail clippers, brush or comb, toothbrush and any other grooming essentials you need.

Note: The prices mentioned above, are an estimate and may vary depending on your location. Also you should take the delivery charges into the account.

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