Baby Essential Items - Cost Estimate

Planning for a newborn is hugely exciting. In this article, we have drawn a list of must haves before your baby is born. The next article will have a list of non-essential items. Your tiny bundle of joy comes with a not-so-tiny list of requirements. From cots to clothes, to car seats, the costs can add up quickly.

Essential items

To give you some idea, we have drawn a list of Essentials, you will need once you've had your baby.

  • Cot or cotbed (including mattress) - $600 - If you're using a second-hand cot, cot bed or Moses basket, the NHS recommends you buy a brand-new mattress. You need to make sure that the mattress is firm (not soft), flat, fits the cot with no gaps, is clean and waterproof.

  • Bedding, blankets & sleeping bags - $200 - You’ll need sheets to cover the mattress. Fitted sheets make life easier but can be quite expensive, so you could use pieces of old sheet. You’ll also need light blankets for warmth. Sheets and layers of blankets tucked in firmly below your baby's shoulder level are safe for your baby to sleep in. Alternatively, some parents use baby sleeping bags which are also safe to sleep in.

  • Car seat - $250 - Your baby must always travel in a car seat if you have a car. It is the law. You should never get a second hand one unless you are 100% sure it has not been in an accident.

  • Pram, pushchair or travel system - $1000 - Prams are very expensive, and your needs will change as the baby grows. Big savings can be made if you buy second hand. Consider how you'll use it and where you'll use it; will you be pushing it over bumpy paths, so larger wheels are useful, or need a system that goes in and out of the car or bus easily. Prams are generally suitable for younger babies who can't hold their heads up, pushchairs for children who can sit up. A travel system is a pushchair that can be fitted with a car seat and/or a carrycot.

  • Sterilising equipment (e.g. pan or microwave) - $40 - Harmful bacteria grow quickly in milk, so it is essential that you sterilise your bottles. You do not necessarily need to spend lots of money on expensive equipment. You may even sterilise items by boiling them in a normal pan.

  • Essential clothing - $80 - Don’t buy lots of baby clothes. The baby will grow out of them so quickly. Look out for baby clubs where you can swap clothes or even get clothes for free, some may even be brand new.

  • Disposable or Reusable nappies - $50 - As a guide, new-borns usually need their nappies changed 10 to 12 times a day.

  • Bottles (Including teats and bottle brushes) - $25 - Essential if you are going to bottle feed.

Note: The prices mentioned above, are an estimate and may vary depending on your location. Also you should take the delivery charges into the account.

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