Baby Bedding & Maternity Sheets

Bedding for You and your baby

Babies spend at least 60 percent of their first year sleeping, breathing in whatever is emitted by her mattress, sheets, pillow, comforter, pad and other accoutrements of the well-made bed.


Considering how much time your little one spends sleeping, it’s important to ensure your baby’s bedding is soft, comfortable and clean. Among our selection you’ll find a variety of fitted crib sheets as well as maternity sheets made from fabrics like bamboo viscose, known for its super soft touch and temperature-regulating qualities. This all-natural fabric is soft enough for even the most delicate baby skin, and keeps them cool and comfortable through every night and nap.

Things to Consider​

The most important things you should consider before buying bedding for your baby:

  • Made of natural and chemical-free fibre

  • Natural Thermal regulators like bamboo fibre

  • Natural disinfectants like rayon from Bamboo

  • Naturally flame- resistant fibre like wool 

  • Organic lines for babies, made from supersoft unsprayed, untreated cotton.

What we provide?

Let’s face it—nowadays, we put as much care into the look and quality of our sheets and duvets as we do our clothing, and rightly so. After all, our bed is where we recharge at the end of the day, where our body and mind get the rest they deserve so we can be our best once the sun rises again.


At Kids Store Today, when it comes to our selection of bedding, we’re looking at the whole family. Whether you’re outfitting your newborn’s crib, your toddler’s bed or your own four-poster, here you’ll find an assortment of fresh and smooth sheets, cosy duvets and duvet covers, warm blankets and pillowcases, so you can work your creative magic and put together a bed that looks and feels fit for your whole royal family!


We Provide The Best Services!

When you shop at Kids Store Today, you’re taking part in something much bigger than an online shopping experience. You’re joining a community of other parents from all over the world, whose feedback helps us to continually improve our service. We welcome you to get in touch should you have any questions, concerns, or simply need more information on a particular product.




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