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Note: Tracking information is available within 4-5 business days from the day we sent you the tracking code.

We ship our products in different parts of the US and try to deliver our best. We always try to deliver you your products from your nearby location so that it would not take much time. Moreover, the thing that sometime it may be possible that the product you want will not be in stock in your nearby location, then it is possible that it will take more time.

Why the tracking number is not working?

If your tracking number is not working then it might be possible that your product is not properly shipped. So, in this case, let us know so we can check whether your product shipped properly or not or why your tracking number is not working.

You don't receive your order, but it's delivered?

After delivering a product from our warehouse then it's USPS responsibility. You can contact them directly or go to the post office. Or if you have any other question then you can message us on the contact page.

Where my product will be delivered?

Your order will be delivered at a place at an address that you have mentioned and given us for placing an order.  You can add the additional address in your account book where you want to receive the order. Moreover can also get a product at your office.

You do not receive your parcel. What you can do then?

You can track your product after placing an order by using the tracking number using the tracking tool on our website kidsstoretoday.com. For any other query, you can contact me at sales@kidsstoretoday.com.

FAQ Payment

What is the method of payment?

You can do payment by the following means: Visa, MasterCard, Visa Debit and PayPal

How we keep your personal information safe & secure?

FAQ Return order

How can I return my order if I don't want it?

You can return your order if you don't like it within 7 days. Remember the product you want to change or return must be unused and in its original packing. We notify you via email once we received your notice for return or change. Then this procedure will take about 30 days to be completed.

How to return a faulty product?

If you have any fault in the product and want to send it back then contact our team via sales@kidsstoretoday.com. Our concern team will listen to your complaints and will help you. If your product is faulty let us know right within 7 days then we will be responsible for that. But before buying anything do must read about the warranties. If the product will have a warranty then it will be changed.

Return Policy 

If there is a problem with your product then no need to worry we will never leave you alone in this matter. Here what you can return to us:

  • The items that are unopened and unused

  • The items that are purchased within 7 days

You will get your refund in 24 days. If you have any queries and want to know anything contact our concern team anytime.