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Kids Store Today cares for your privacy, we care for you and don't even want your privacy to be shared with anyone or misused. This section of the privacy policy will ensure you that how much we care for your personal information, your privacy and how we care for your privacy? We suppose you to go through our privacy policies before going to take any service from us.

This Privacy Statement will Ensure: 

In this privacy statement, you will be ensured about our services, products, our details and our way of keeping your data secure and safe.

What we are?

The principal controller of your information about what we are is that we are an online shopping store having the branded stock of babies. The high-quality, branded products for your baby before his birth or after his birth.

What is a Reason for Using your Personal Information?

We do not solely prefer to take any personal information unless the law permits us. We take your personal information for the following reasons:

  • Firstly, if we want to make some type of contract

  • When we are going to deliver you anything at your home

  • Moreover, where we think we want to make a connection between us

Does this platform clarify why we want your personal information?

Where we use your personal information let's have a look

  • When we have to deliver you our service through our platform

  • Moreover, we want your mobile number, email or address when you access through your mobile to ensure you and provide you support on our platform.

  • If you log in through facebook we require your email, profile, sirname, and name to ensure your presence and spot you as a user and give you support on our platform for your service.

  • Most importantly, when you are going to buy any product from us we collect your personal information under law permits to make sure your order. And deliver you at the right place to the right person. This will make our work easy and make our services more good for our clients.

Why we use your Location Information?

  • For data analysis and deliver you the products at your sight place without any mismanagement.

  • Furthermore, it will help in ensuring our services to you. We tend to show the listing in your location, this will help you to get the right product seeing the locality.

  • Not only this but also to ensure interaction between you and us on our platform.

For instance, we are committed to protect your privacies and keep your data safe.

What information do we Preferably Take?

Consequently, you will not feel easy to share your all information to us while using our website. But we take any personal information after law permits. So no need to worry about taking our services and sharing your data with us. The details that we preferably take are:

  • Name, email and mobile number

  • Payment method or information: when you are going to buy anything from us we will surely have a look on your payment information but also the point we do not have access to your codes or passwords.

So feel free to contact us and co-operate with us to provide you with our best services.